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I welcome the chance to hop behind the camera or mic and work with actors and interviewees to bring a story to life from the director's chair. As a recovering theater nerd and professional creative with just a few opinions, it's a role I'm enjoying growing and expanding into.

Director Samples

Director Samples


Dramatic Short Film

This short was my first as a director, and it has a special place in my heart as do the wonderful people who made it come together. “Andante” takes a thoughtful look at how we process grief, particularly when a loss is unexpected. This early piece was written and directed by myself, shot by Audrey O’Neil, and edited by Jessica Miera.


Hope Rising Clinic

I was lucky enough to partner with Wonderland Child & Family Services for several years on their content needs. For the opening of their Hope Rising Clinic, the Bradley family offered to share their story on camera. It was a privilege to interview the Bradleys and the Wonderland staff and to partner with the very talented Britt Neufer on this edit. 

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