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About Me

I'm Camille Adams, a West Coast-based media maker who creates content for compelling causes, brands, and humans. I am particularly passionate about social justice works. Really, I care about telling good stories well and with intention, responsibility, and impact.


As a Writing and Spanish student in undergrad, I wrote and produced episodic content and was nominated for a NW Student Emmy for one of my series. Even then, I believed pretty strongly in the power of visual and audio storytelling, so I created my own transmedia campaign for another original pilot in an effort to shed light on the complexity and hardship of U.S. immigration policies.


After college graduation, I cut my teeth on the commercial and indie film worlds. I have worked with small and large production operations, on projects ranging from feature length docs to multinational ads to docustyle profiles. I can grow an idea, whether based on fact or fiction, from development to final with skill, humor, and a good dose of pep.


Do you have a story that really needs telling? Life questions you need to hash out with someone? The need to debate the rise and fall of old time radio theater? Same here. Please reach out and let's chat!


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